According Bolivian legislation through Decreto Supremo No. 0216 of July, 22nd 2009 establishes the procedure to formalize the request for Bolivian citizenship of Bolivian parents’ sons and daughters. 


  1. To be younger than eightteen (18) years old and have one or both Bolivian parents. 
  2. Official letter address to the Consul General requesting the child’s inscription and the Birth Certificate issuance, this letter must contain the following: 
    1. Parents and children FULL name.
    2. Current address and home’s telephone number. 
    3. Parents’ occupation. 
    4. Identify the Bolivian parent, this person will sign the registration book and will be known as Declarante. 
    5. It should explain how many kinds the mother gave birth to, distinguish by gender. 
  3. Parents’ Passport or ID, original and single copy. 
  4. Marriage Certificate, original and a single copy. If they are not married, the letter must contain actual information (single mother, separated, divorced, widowed, etc.)
  5. Child’s Birth certificate, original and a single copy. 
  6. These paperwork must be scanned and send to our email in order to verify the information. 
  7. After a couple of days, contact the Consulate to date an appointment to sign the registration book and pick up the birth certificate. 

IMPORTANT It is indispensable the presence of the Bolivian parent (if possible both must be present) and the child presence is essential if he/she is 7 years old or elder.