The process of “Carta Poder” has the sole purpose to collect the Retirement Income through a proxy in Bolivia and has an annual term. It must be accompanied with a “Certificado de Vivencia”, this is issued each quarter (January to March, April to June, July to September, October to December and Aguinaldo).

Below are the requirements to get these documents: 

  1. Submit passport or valid identity card.
  2. Having information of “Sector de Jubilacion”, proxy information: full name (exactly as it appears on the identification card), ID number, place of issue.
  3. The cost of the “Carta Poder” is $ 15.00 and must be paid in money order or Credit/Debit Card, except those who are “Benemeritos de la Guerra” o “Viuda de Benemerito”. 
  4. The “Certificado de Vivencia” is free.