The main purpose of the process of “Carta Poder” isto collect the Retirement Income through a proxy in Bolivia which has an annual term. It must be accompanied with a “Certificado de Vivencia” This certificate is issued each quarter (January to March, April to June, July to September, October to December and Aguinaldo).

Below are the requirements to get these documents: 

    1    Submit a passport or valid identity card.

    2    Acquire the information of “Sector de Jubilacion”, proxy information: full name (exactly as it appears on the identification card), ID number, place of issue.

    3    The cost of the “Carta Poder” is $ 15.00 and must be paid in money order or Credit/Debit Card, except those who are “Benemeritos de la Guerra” o “Viuda de Benemerito”. 

    4    The “Certificado de Vivencia” has no additional fee.