New ID number may be given to anyone who left Bolivia at an early age. ID Numbers are also given to individuals who want to obtain the Bolivian citizenship through their Bolivian parents.  In order to request for a new passport, we will first have to check to see if you had any previous documents from Bolivia. If we find out that you previously registered with ID numbers , we will use the document in renewing your passport. But if we find that you were never registered with the ID documents or numbers, we will provide you with a new ID number which will allow you to acquire a new passport.


The application to get this ID number requires no fee. Although there isn’t a fee, new passports will take longer to process than renewing a passport. Appointment must be requested beforehand.

Here are the following requirements,

Individuals must be under 18 years old or younger

    1    Bolivian parent must submit a request letter behalf of their child

    2    Applicants must have their Original Birth Certificate, issued from 2007 until present.

    3    Applicants must have copies of both their parent’s passport.

    4    Applicants must take three (3) pictures 3x3 centimeters (White background, no glasses) and bring it to the consular office.

    5    Personal Identification Card (will be filled out in the Consulate General).

Elder than 18 years old

    1    Applicantmustdeclare a sworn statement which states that he/ she never had a Bolivian ID or Passport. This Sworn statement can bedone in our Office (no additional fees required)

    2    Two (2) witnesses who will need toprovide their IDs and testify the Sworn statement’s truthfulness.

    3    Applicant’s Original Birth Certificate, issued from 2007 until present.It would take around 30 minutes to get the new ID number; afterwards we will proceed further for more personal information in order for you to possess a new passport.