The renewal of a Bolivian passport must be done as follows:

1. The interested party must appear before the Offices of the General Consulate carrying the following documents: Bolivian Passport (expired or 6 months before its expire) and Bolivian Identity Card. The birth certificate is not considered an identity document; therefore, it must be accompanied by a document bearing the photograph of the person concerned.

  • In case of THEFT, the interested party must present a certification of complaint to local authorities of theft of their documentation. This measure is preventive to avoid using your identity without your consent.

  • In the case of LOST, the interested party must make an affidavit in our offices to certify the loss of his document, the fee is $50 (Fifty 00/100 dollars)..

  • In case of UPDATING INFORMATION in your passport; that is to say; the inclusion of married name, correction of data, exclusion of married name, update of marital status, profession, etc. the applicant must demonstrate through BOLIVIAN legal documents such changes.

  • In the case of MINORS (under 18), the minor must be accompanied by both parents and must present the original IDs of BOTH parents. In the event that one of the parents cannot appear, a notarized authorization letter from the absent parent and the original ID of both parents, or the document of total custody of the child issued by the Court with a original seal must be presented.

2. Payment of the transaction must be made only in Money Order or Debit / Credit Card. The fee is $ 85.00 (eighty-five 00/100 US dollars).

3. The new document will take 2 to 3 weeks to reach this Consulate. The interested party may choose to leave a pre-paid envelope at the time of application for it to be returned.