The Bolivian passport renewal should be made as follows:

  1. Personal information should be verified and may be done through a phone call or e-mail. It is requested the passport or id number, full names and birth date.
  2. Once the Consular Officer has verified your personal information, the interested must come to the Consulate General in order to capture the holder’s picture, fingerprints and signature.
  3. Once in the Office you must submit two (2) Bolivian identity documents. Those might be Bolivian ID, Passport, birth certificate, Bolivian driver’s license, libreta servicio militar.
  4. Payment must be done in Money Order, debit/credit card. The fee is $85.00 (eighty five 00/100 us dollars).
  5. The new passport will take ten (10) business days to get to this Consulate; you may leave a return pre-paid envelope in our facilities.