There are two possible options to get a Power of Attorney, the following are listed below:

Power of Attorney at the Consulate

To carry out the procedure in our offices,  the following is required:

    1    Send an email attaching the draft Power of Attorney (WORD format). In addition, you must specify the name of the person and the phone number of contact.

     2    Make an appointment to visit the Office at (213) 388 0475/0957. 

    3    Once the appointment is confirmed, you must come to our Office with your valid ID (it is preferable to show a valid ID or Passport).

    4    A Power of Attorney has a fee of $ 120.00; it may be paid in Money Order, debit/credit card. (NO CASH)

Power of Attorney via regular mail

This would be considered as Legalization, please note the following steps:

    1    The document signed before a Notary Public

    2    Afterwards, take that Document to the Secretary of State or similar authority according the State.

    3    Send the paperwork to our Office with a Money Order for $120.00 payable to the CONSULADO DE BOLIVIA and a return pre-paid envelope.

The processing time is two (2) business days, it is suggested that you include contact information in case of any observation. Do not take into account the mail delay (sending and receiving time).