There are two ways to process Powers of Attorney, the following are detailed:


To carry out the procedure in our offices, we require:

1. Sending the DRAFT of the power of attorney via an email (apacheco@boliviala.org or info@boliviala.org) in Microsoft Word. In addition, the email must point out the name of the interested party (Signer/signers) and the contact telephone number. (photographs, print screens, scanned images or non-editable PDF are not accepted)

2. Wait for an Officer from the Bolivian Consulate to contact you in order to make an appointment (usually the same day we received the power of attorney).

3. For the signature of the Power of Attorney, the interested party must present a valid original Identity Document (in case of Bolivian citizens, a Bolivian document must be presented either Passport or Identity Card, in the case of foreigners, the current passport).

4. The fee of the Power of Attorney is $ 50.00 for Bolivians, $ 120. for foreigners, US $ 150 for corporate powers, which must be paid with Money Order or Debit / Credit Card.

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. to 1 hour.


1. Sign the document (Power of Attorney) before a Notary Public.

2. Then, submit the Power of Attorney to the State Governor or Secretary of State under the jurisdiction of the notary to get the APOSTILLE. Review the list of Secretaries of State to obtain the APOSTILLE.

3. Send the document to BOLIVIA (does not require consular legalization).

NOTE: In Bolivia only the APOSTILLE issued by the Secretary of State or Governor will be valid, in this understanding certifications or authentications will not be accepted or valid.

If your choosing is the APOSTILLE, please verify that the document's title is: "Poder" or "Poder especial" (In Bolivia, "instructiva de poder" are not accepted).

Likewise, the power of Attorney must include the place and date of issuance (documents where appears place of issuance in Cochabamba, La Paz, etc. will be automatically invalid).

If you have any doubts regarding your document, you can send it in Microsoft word format and the Consulate staff will check and if it is necessary, suggest changes before you sign it before a notary.

 If you have any questions please write to this e-mail: apacheco@boliviala.org or contact the Consulate General at info@boliviala.org.