Household goods

Bolivians; who return to the country to take up residence in; are entitled to import their household goods without paying duties or taxes.

It includes furniture appliances and accessories (not including the motor vehicles of any kind and / or parts and accessories of any machine or equipment) according to the following maximum values ranchise:

  1.   Up to $us. 35,000 (THIRTY -FIVE THOUSAND 00/100 US DOLLARS) FOB (free on board) value when importing Domestic Household include garments and clothing accessories, furniture, appliances and other items normally use in a home. This amount is applicable when machines or work equipment are not transported.  
  2. Up to $us. 50.000 (FIFTY THOUSAND 00/100 US DOLLARS) FOB (free on board) value when importing household goods in addition to the elements of use of your home, INCLUDING their machines, equipment and tools used in their work, considering that $us. 25,000 correspond to household items and the remaining $us 25,000 to labor use machines.

If the value of household goods exceeds the established limits, the excess is subject to payment of customs duties. To verify eligibility under the House holding decree, the following requirements are necessary:

  •  Affidavit of Domestic Household Income, filled in the National Customs website ( or CLICK HERE  and HERE FOR AN APPLICANT’S MANUAL. Once finished, printed and signed by the applicant, it shall be submitted to the Consulate of Bolivia for validation according the National Customs’ system.
  • A passport certifying compliance with the stay abroad for at least two (2) years prior to the date of return (temporary visits to Bolivia shall not exceed ninety days) or official documentation in original or certified copy to support your stay abroad.
  •  Two or three proofs of residence outside Bolivia for more than two years, for example, tax, employment contracts, work certificates, certificates of study, recruitment of rent or lease, bank statements, tax ID, driver's licenses or any other official documents. When the household includes machines, equipment and tools used in their work, you must also submit documentary evidence of such activity, for example: employment contracts or license for the activity carried out.
  •  An appointment to validate the paperwork and certificate issued by the Consulate of Bolivia. The procedure is free and may take up to one hour in the Office.

The deadline for the arrival; of belongings included in the form; to Bolivia must be between one month before and up to six months after the date of arrival of its owner. Domestic Household import tax exemption does not apply to temporary returns and does not include or validate belongings for third parts or commerce.

Also we provide the list of Customs Brokers of La Paz, most of these brokers have offices in Bolivia. Further information could be talked with those official brokers, also on transport companies with which they usually work and carry cargo to Bolivia: