This entry VISA is valid for ten (10) years since the issuing date and allows the holder 90 lay days per year. . The requirements are the following:

  1. Fill and sign the Sworn Statement form.

    • This sworn statement will require the applicant to upload all the following requirements. The picture must be scanned in a .jpg format while the other requirements will be in .pdf format. They must not exceed 500Kb. Once the applicant accomplish this task, the applicant must send all the paperwork along the payment and the return envelope.

  2. Provide a valid Passport for at least six (6) months, make sure there are available pages to stamp the VISA sticker.

  3. One (1) picture, full color Passport size.

  4. Hotel reservation’s copy, or invitation letter from relatives or friends including the city/address and staying period.

  5. Flight ticket or the tour itinerary, simple copy.

  6. The last Checkings, Savings or Credit Card Statement (you may cover the Account number ).

  7. The VISA fee is $ 160.00 (One hundred and sixty 00/100 US dollars).

VISA applications may be sent through regular mail, in that case a return pre-paid envelope is needed and the fee must be paid in Money Order to CONSULADO DE BOLIVIA or you may submit the Credit Card Authorization Form with the information required to process the payment. 

Visa applications may be dropped off in our offices without an appointment taking up to ten (10) business days and could be paid with a MONEY ORDER or Debit Card ATM.


The Consulate General of Bolivia in Los Angeles will not process any application incomplete and they will be returned without VISA. Make sure you fulfill all we request.