The visa application starts here, where the applicant must start filling out the Online Form. This form will allow the applicant to upload the necessary requirements. Therefore the consular officers will have direct access to review the paperwork. Be aware, no application can be processed if it is not submitted through the website and the applicant must have the proper form to apply.

Likewise, applicants cannot bring the physical requirements to our Office for us to upload or help filling the form online. For security and privacy policies, we do not provide WiFi or equipment to fill applications. The application forms cannot be printed and filled out handwritten.

visa categories and requirements (PLEASE READ UNTIL THE END)

The different  visa categories are described as follows:

  • The Tourist visa - allows applicants to visit Bolivia to do some tourism and pleasure. Most tourist visas are valid for 30 days (one entry) and can be extended for 60 more days (in Immigration Offices). Visa for US citizens are valid for 10 years and they work for multiple entries (until the 90 days are completed in one year).

  • Specific purpose visa - allows applicants to enter to Bolivia in order to work, do business, legal representations, volunteering, religious purposes, civil acts like marriage or dual citizenship, etc.

  • Multiple Entry Visa - this visa is intended to help applicants who provide services, work or business and travel to Bolivia several times during a year. This visa will allow the applicant to travel to Bolivia as many times needed for one year.

  • The Student visa - allows applicants to enter to Bolivia in order to get a temporary residency while the school, college or university program lasts. Please refer to a Immigration Office in Bolivia to have detailed information on how to extend it for more than 6 months.


The application must be filled through our system and you can find the lin below. As the online application will require you to upload most requirements in electronic forms, the picture must be saved in JPEG format and not exceed 150 KB; as the other requirements must be saved in PDF and not exceed 500 KB size. Most applicants may experience some kind of problems scanning documents, we may only suggest them to follow the manual's guide of their scanning device or several tutorials the internet offers to accomplish this task. 

Click on the image to open the online form or any of the following helpful tools:





A quick guide to fill the sworn statement
A quick guide to scan documents properly for visa application to visit Bolivia.



YELLOW FEVER VACCINE The Yellow Fever Vaccine can be requested in case travelers visit certain tropical places in Bolivia. Please check the following LIST to make sure you do not need the yellow fever vaccine certificate.

In the event that none of the destinations you visit are in the LIST, at the time of filling out the form in STEP 3 you will find a question that says "Main Destination in Bolivia", please choose OTHERS. Afterwards once you reach Step 5, there is no need for you to upload anything on yellow fever certificate.

In case you visit one of the destinations listed in the LIST, please attach the Yellow Fever Certificate in STEP 5.

how and where do i submit my visa application?

First things first, check what are the requirements according the visa you will be applying for. Once you gather all the paperwork needed, scan them separately. Proceed to fill the application online. you will find useful tools like videos or guides above in section ONLINE APPLICATION. Print the final version of the form and sign it.

  • Applying by regular mail. - Send the Sworn statement (online form printed and signed), the passport, the payment and the return prepaid envelope. You can include several applications in one envelope and you are allowed to use one or as many payment forms as needed.

  • Dropping off the application in the office. - Bring the Sworn statement (online form printed and signed) and the passport. You will be able to pay here with your credit/debit card or you may include a Money order. You can show up in our Office from 9am to 2pm without any kind of appointment.

Send your application to our Office located on 3701 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1065, Los Angeles, CA 90010 and add Att. VISA SECTION

what to expect after submitting my application

The processing time generally takes 10 business days since we receive the application, nonetheless we may issue a Notice in our social media and this website to let applicants know we may take more time for processing (Spring and Summer time are always the seasons where we take more than the usual).  

An automatic text message will be sent to the mobile number provided in the applicant's form when the issuing process is finalized. Depending how the application was submitted, the text will confirm the passport is being returned or the applicant can come to the Office to pick up the passport. People mailing the application and using the payment form will receive an email with the invoice for the visa fee.

For some reasons, an application can be returned without processing, in any case like that we do return it immediately and we provide the reasons that lead to the return. In specific cases we can contact the applicant to provide further information regarding any requirement.

COntacting the visa section

Due to the large number of calls to the visa section, it is difficult to get an officer on the telephone. We understand applicant's needs to check the status of the application, consequently we are working with an automated text message system confirming the process is complete and the passports are being sent back or ready to pick up. 

We consider that all the necessary information is exposed in this section. If you have further inquiries, you can communicate more efficiently to our email